Ocean and Surf

El Anclote break is right across the street from the condo and visible from the sky bridge. It is always smaller than El Faro off to the right (1 mile) or the super popular La Lancha off to the left (about 1.5 miles). It is great for long boarding or SUP. It can get pretty solid (4-6 feet) when big swells are hitting the area but is usually 2-3 feet.

Another view of our home break, El Anclote.
Hooked in at La Lancha. Take a ponga ride from the town marina, or drive to the Pemex/Oxxo 2km back towards PV and walk in on either of two trails.
Casa Tequila at the Yelpa waterfall. Many tour operators will take you to Yelpa. We’ve gone with Vallarta Adventures
El Faro is about 1 mile from the condo. The land there is inside the Four Seasons Compound so you either have to paddle there or take a ponga. It is a not a beginner area. There are rocks, wind and waves from different angles. You can see it right from the condo patio if you have decent binoculars.
La Lancha is easily the most popular surfing spot in the area. It is generally bigger than El Anclote. Is is also a beautiful pristine beach. However there are no amenities which is probably why it is still pristine. It is about 2 miles from the condo. There is access from the orad but it is a bit of a walk. There are currently two paths. One, the lagoon path, starts right across from the Pemex gas station. The second, New Path, is well marked with Beach Access signs and has its own parking lot. There are forces at work trying to close the lagoon path but as of 2019 it is still open. I like the new path better. It is higher and dryer. It took me 25 minutes carrying a big board. You can also get there by panga boat from Town. Expect crowds when the swell is on.
The beach at La Lancha facing back toward Vallarta