Condo tips

Drinking water

El Anclote Condominiums receives water through a pipe system. The raw water is used only for outdoor irrigation. The water delivered to the condos is somewhat filtered, conditioned, and purified but most don’t actually drink it. Purified water is available from the office or guard shack (24/7) for 35 pesos per five gallon bottle if you return an empty bottle. You can get additional bottles but your will have to pay an additional 80 peso deposit. There is a hand-truck in the utility room to your right as you exit the condo’s front door. You may use the had-truck to help move the water bottles. There is a ceramic water dispenser near the dining room table and glass water dispensers in each bathroom. Please only put the bottled water in these dispensers. Please make sure you leave at least one water bottle in the condo when you leave (preferably a full one).

Main water dispenser
Glass water dispensers in each bathroom


The condo complex recently worked with Telmex to install fiber optic internet service. Casa-Tequila has this new service installed. We choose a premium speed service rated at “500 MEGAS”. We are not sure what the actual speed is but it seems pretty good. There is wireless service and a couple of RJ45 plugs on the router if you need to plug in. The router is on the wall near the sofa. The station name (SSID) and password are on a sticker on the router. Feel free to use the internet for all your devices but please do not mess around with the router or change any internal setting. We will hold back on your security deposit if you alter the router settings.

The internet wireless router is actually now mounted to the wall. The login information (SSID and WEP password) are on the sticker.

Watching TV and video

The widescreen TV in the living room is available for your use. However, it is not connected to any sort of cable or satellite TV service. The TV is a “Smart” TV in that it has popular video service apps like Netflix and Amazon built in but none of these are connected to an account. The TV is already programmed to connect to the WIFI. If you have accounts with these services, feel free to program the TV apps but be sure to delete your account info before you leave. We are not responsible for use of your accounts by others if you don’t delete your account info. However, it is unclear exactly which services will work in Mexico without using a VPN service and the TV does not have any VPN.

A better idea is to bring your own media device (Roku, Apple TV, Fire stick, or whatever) or laptop, connect it to the WIFI, and plug it into to one of the TV’s HDMI ports. Again, you will have to figure out on your own if your services will work in Mexico. Personally, we use a laptop as shown in the photo. The laptop is running the Private Internet Access VPN service. With this setup we can watch some channels live by connecting to our Xfinity account and we can also watch shows recorded on our DVR. Xfinity definitely does not work in mexico without the VPN.

Smart TV is available for your use. We suggest bringing your own laptop or media device like the laptop shown here. You may need a VPN service for your accounts to work in Mexico.

Security camera

There is a security camera mounted to the wall above the recliner chair. This is to keep tabs on the condo when it is empty. We have no interest in spying on you. The manager should have unplugged the camera before your arrival but PLEASE double check that it is in fact unplugged. If unplugged from wall power, the camera is completed dead and doing nothing so please just unplug it and don’t move it.

Security camera on the wall near the patio door. Please make sure it is unplugged during your stay.
Power cord for the security camera behind the recline chair. The camera is 100% dead if it is unplugged.


Casa-Tequila has a lot of remote controls: 3 AC controls, 5 ceiling fan controls, and one for the TV. Please be careful with these remotes and don’t lose (or break) them. Except for the TV remote, they all have wall mouthed holsters. Kindly return the remotes to their holsters before you leave. The tile floor is very hard and most things will break if dropped on the floor. You will be charged for any broken remotes. You may need to change a battery and we try to keep some spare batteries in the refrigerator. Please don’t use these batteries for your personal devices; condo remotes only.

The white AC remotes are not specific. Any remote will operate any of the three mini-splits. However, the fan remotes are specific to each fan.

White remotes are for the air conditioners. The black remotes are for the ceiling fans and lights.

Air Conditioning System

Casa-Tequila has three “mini-split” AC units: one in the living room and one in each of the bedrooms. Electricity is very expensive in Punta Mita so please use the AC system to be comfortable but use it respectfully. For exmaple, if noone is on the guest bedroom, keep that door closed and don’t run that mini-split. The temperatures are in Centigrade. Try 25 or 26 degrees. That should be cool enough for most people. You may have to aim the remote at the AC. Use the on/off button to turn on the system. The “mode” should say Auto. Use the mode button to put it back to Auto if someone else changed it. Use the + and – buttons to adjust the temperature.

One of three mini-split AC systems


The Skybridge is a nice feature of Condominiums El Anclote. It is a shortcut over to the beach or restaurant row. Access is super easy from Casa Tequila. Just turn right off the patio and the bridge is only a few feet away. There is a locked gate on the town side and you will need a key card to open the gate. We do not supply a key card as part of your rental but you can get one from the office. The card is free but will require a refundable 500 Peso ($25 USD) deposit. You will also then receive some instructions about use of the card. The card will also unlock a pedestrian gate near the guard shack. You normally won’t need it because most of the time the guards will open the gate for you but occasionally they are off making their rounds and you may have to wait a few minutes for him to return. So it is not a bad idea to take the key card with you.

Skybridge shortcut to beach and restaurant row. Pick up a key card from the main office. A refundable deposit will be required.
You will need the key card to open the gate. The lovely Mrs. Rhodes is indicating the location of the sensor that opens the gate
El key-card sensor.

Patio doors

The Parota wood patio doors are lovely but a little problematic. Please do not remove the keys and you will have to push out firmly as shown to lock and unlock them. The latches don’t exactly line up without a little help.

Security guards

Condominiums El Anclote are guarded 24/7 by a security guard. The security guards are a valuable resource. Except for one day off per week, the daytime guard is Nolberto Castro and the nighttime guard is Antonio. Both speak pretty good English (way better than our Spanish) and in addition to keeping us all safe they are also great resources for local information. So don’t be shy, introduce yourselves and strike up a conversation. Consider tipping them a little extra before your departure.

My amigo, Nolberto Castro, our daytime guard (except for Tueday’s).
My amigo Antonio, our nightime guard.