Town: Restaurants and shopping

The town around Condominiums El Anclote has numerous restaurants and some small “mini-supers” where you can buy groceries and supplies. The restaurants range from yummy, inexpensive street food to higher end (and a little pricey) fancier places. Many of the restaurants are located between the condo and the beach (restaurant row) but other are scattered around town off the beach. The following is not meant to be an exhaustive list and just because one isn’t mentioned doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it. The trend has been for some of the original beach-strip restaurants to be bought out and converted to more expensive type places. We have been seeing more and more “golf carters” coming out of the Four Seasons complex and frequenting the Town establishments. For example, our favorite for many years, El Dorado, is gone and is now a fancier and more expensive place (Lobster Paradise).

View up the street towards the Oxxo (like a 7-11)


There are several stores along Ave. Redes between the condo and the rotary. The newest and biggest is Olin Market. But there is also the ever prevelent Oxxo on the corner and several smaller mini-supers. There are also more mini-supers down some of the side streets. If you want full size supermarkets, you will have to get down to Bucerias where there are three: The Mega, La Comer, and Chedraui. Back in Nuevo Vallarta there is a Walmart. Near the airport, there is a Home Depot, and in the PV Fluvial District, there is a Costco.

basically a 7/11 and right at the rotary
Plaza Olin just down from the Oxxo. here you will find the Olin Market and the Boca Cafe (breakfast and lunch only).
Ollin Market
Minisuper Pacheco also along Ave. Redes
Minisuper El Cuate. Some of the super stores are open later than Ollin which closes at 8.


Tacos Y Papas

Tacos y Papas reopened in a new location in December 2021. It is now next to Mita Pizza.

Tacos y Papas, owned and operated by our friend and ex-Olympic swimmer Ricardo, is one of the great off-beach restaurants in Punta Mita. Current price for a quesadilla is 51 pesos. They have a bar and serve drinks.

La Cabana

La Cabana is on the beach-front restaurant row to the left of the sky bridge. It is one of the original and lower priced beach-side restaurants. It is now the only one with an upper level area that has (we think) the best views in town despite some assertions made by another place. We call this place Yellow/Green. Eat here and you will see why 🙂


Rocio is also one of the original places on the beach. At least it’s been here as long as we’ve been coming here. Very popular with the weekend beach crowd. The food and prices are similar to La Cabana.


Yes there is Pizza in Punta Mita. Mita Pizza is down a side street from Ave. Redes. You can eat there but probably most do take out.

Tacos La Picara

Tacos La Picara is clearly one of the best and most popular street food places in Punta Mita. It is next to the Oxxo and literally at the town bus stop. It is only open at night and I think it opens at 8PM but sometimes it just isn’t open. I have never seen a written menu so it is a l ittle hard to know what to order unless you ask one of the locals. Tacos and quesadillas for sure but it’s like In and Out. There are other things you can order Like Tacos Volcanis and El Hombre.

Hamburguesas Truck

Again, not really sure which nights they are open but they park on the street on the side of the Oxxo. Super yummy and inexpensive.

I am a Hamburguesa kind of guy
Brought ’em home and blended up some Margaritas

Tacos on the Street

Not in Punta Mita but back down the road in La Cruz. Similar to Tacos y Papas. We’ll let you have the adventure of finding it.

Litibu Grill

Litibu Grill is also not in Punta Mita. It is near the town of Higuera Blana which is on the road to Sayulita. You have drive through the town of HB to get there. There are signs but it is still a bit of an adventure. The Litibu Grill on on a wild section coast. We went there for lunch but it is clearly a great spot for romantic sunset dinners. I will just post their website and let you figure it from there.